Off-Grid Mentoring

These sessions are based upon Jo guiding you to how to find your own unique hidden code; the place that when you reach it you ‘know’ all the answers. From here life gets easy, once you have ‘found’ the code you will never have to make another decision again, for life will simply unfold in front of you. Jo has got to this place physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually of alignment on multiple levels and it is from this state that these sessions will be transmitted directly to you. She has the intuitive ability to reflect back anything that feels misaligned in your energy.

Ideal for those that have been on retreat with Jo in the past and would like to return to that connected space, and also for people who have not yet worked with Jo and are ready to drop their conditioned story, experience life at the next level, and embody who/what they truly are.

“Thank you SO much for a really transformative session. Yes, I came away feeling more open and positive and re-committed to my practice. My attitude to work has shifted a bit too. I feel hopeful again. Thank you! I’ll do my homework!”

Jo only works with a handful of people at a time. Book here and then you will receive an email to arrange timings and start date: Currently two places available 


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Off-Grid Mentoring

Jo has a few sessions per week (see above for current availability) to mentor those looking to expand their consciousness, and drop into a state of oneness. 30 minute and one hour online packages available, with Jo transmitting alignment directly to you. These are ideal for those who have been on retreat before and would like to ‘top-up’ their energy and reconnect, and also for people who have not yet worked with Jo and are ready to experience life at the next level.

Throughout our lives teachers come in to mirror to us exactly what we need in that moment; the following list is what Jo has personally moved through and can support you with from an experiential level:

  • Addiction
  • Finding your calling
  • Manifesting at a high level
  • Building a successful spiritual business
  • Surrendering to Self and not needing anything from anyone/anything
  • Creating a stable personal practice (meditation, journaling, yoga etc)

60 Minute ‘Embodiment’ Mentoring
£280 for a month of weekly sessions
£650 for 10 weekly sessions

  • Pre-call questions to be completed
  • Spend 10 minutes before the call in contemplation
  • 60 minutes on the call with Jo
  • Spend 10 minutes post call journaling and downloading your thoughts, inspiration and motivation
  • An audio or video file will be sent to you along with Jo’s insights and homework for the week

30 Minute ‘Laser’ Mentoring

£200 for a month of weekly sessions
£450 for 10 weekly sessions

  • Pre-call questions to be completed
  • Spend 10 minutes before the call in contemplation
  • 30 minutes on the call with Jo
  • Spend 10 minutes post call journaling and downloading your thoughts, inspiration and motivation
  • An audio or video file will be sent to you along with Jo’s insights and homework for the week

Current Availability: see top of the page. Book your package and Jo will email you to arrange timings and start date. Email here for more information and with any questions.


BLOG: All I Have To Do, Is Nothing

My new reality in Spain is a relaxation that I’ve not experienced before. 48 years are peeling away with the old realities melting into nothing. It feels like the biggest and strongest purge as the old ‘me’ is flushed through and out. The void that has been 2020 with the whole world being put on pause, so that we could ‘find’ ourselves, for me has been reset to a totally new frequency. I simply am not the same person I was, and never will be again. 

My practice has taken quite a turn since living off-grid in Spain. Not only are there the usual ‘sitting’ practices, but throughout the day I am taking moments to close my eyes and drink the silence in. This is the power of taking time out from the rush of normal existence; to not have any distractions and be able to simply experience each exquisite moment as it comes; this is what I am savouring the most in this most precious time I have gifted myself. A new way of living has begun with the springboard of being offline for six weeks. Now the energy is that of creating a space where there are very few external responsibilities, and I have dropped all expectations from anyone to do anything; all the old pressures I placed upon myself have dissolved. I am only doing what I want to, and at the moment it is very simple:

  • Write
  • Meditate
  • Gardening
  • Work online for four hours a day, five days a week
  • Spend beautiful quality time with family, the pets, and getting to know the house

There is actually nothing else that I am doing, and I have never given myself this level of solitude before. It’s always been work work work, pressure to do this, pressure to get that done, a blog everyday, livestreams multiple times per week, guests to look after in the house, and communities to support. However, everything that I’ve been doing up to this move has been my choice, but it had all begun to feel heavy; I longed for exactly what I have now.

After just a couple of weeks into my ‘new’ life, and whilst I was mostly offline
A question came,
How much could I drop
How still could I become
How much of life conditioning was I willing to turn my back on
This line of questioning began one afternoon, and the shift was palpable
I’d literally never be the same again
And it wasn’t even new information; rather something that I already knew fully landing
I embodied it

I’d spent the morning writing
I’d fallen naturally into a new routine of writing in the morning, after my practice, and then finishing ‘work’ by 2pm. The rest of the day was dedicated to more practice, enjoying life, and doing as little as I could
The paradox became crystal clear;
The more I could do nothing, the more I became me
The less ‘stuff’ I got caught up in, the deeper I could drop into the ocean of oneness
The less my attention was in my head and thoughts, worrying about this and that, the more I could be surrendered
And I’d been playing this game for years already
But these sacred mountains we had moved to, with ‘the elders’ as we call them, watching over us, I became it

No more games
No more playing
This was now real for me
Giving myself an environment of total external stillness had given me exactly what I needed to go to the next level; I listened to where bliss guided me to, and the rewards of this aligned action were instant

Dropping all learned responses
Dropping the learned instinct to check my phone/ Facebook/ emails/ WhatsApp every two minutes
Dropping the need to fill the gap with thoughts/ food/ any kind of stimulation
And just be
A new kind of availability revealing itself
And I knew that from this place of open still infinity, I could be of so much more service than ever before

Less Really Is More 

So my ‘work’ has become how do to as little as possible for most of the day
As I empty myself of everything
The world slows down to a halt
Entering the Zero Point, time stands still
I step into the void
When I connect with others I share it, transmit it, and magnify this state for them
It’s so obvious here

All I Have To Do, Is Nothing

I love this ‘work’ of doing nothing
Turning my ‘working’ life literally upside down
When I think about all of the effort I have placed upon my ‘work’ up until this move
At the retreat centre it was incessant; a constant to-do list as long as your arm
…they all pull you in and down; contractive and suffocating

How 48 years have been lived in one direction
And now
I have turned 180
And will live the rest of this life in its opposite
How little can I do?
How quiet can I become?
And I am so interested to witness how much more I can be to humanity, from this connected-like-never-before space

So my question to you is,
How Little Can You Do today and everyday?
And are you willing to attempt to do nothing; what does that bring up for you? 


Terms, Conditions, and Disclaimer
Once a day and time has been agreed, the packages of four and ten sessions are to be taken in concurrent weeks at the same time each week. These mentoring sessions are about you taking responsibility and realising that everything that you wish for is already within you. It’s time to stop giving your power away to how life has shaped you thus far. Yes what has happened up to now is mostly down to society and conditioning, but by connecting to Blissful Infinity you have an opportunity to transcend what you think you ‘should’ do, and live life from an effortless place. These are not sessions where something is ‘done to you’; we cannot do this for you, no one else can. This is your show; your life; and now it is time to empower yourself and believe that you deserve all that you’ve dreamt of. For you cannot have a dream if it is not possible; we each have a unique set of dreams/ desires/ wishes; no one has the same as you, and you do not take from another when you realise your own. It’s time my friend, but the only person who can set you free is you.