Online Community

An online community where we share, story-tell, get vulnerable and honest in a space where you feel safe to say whatever’s in your heart. Each persons experience is another’s potential permission slip, and in this way the whole group raises its vibration. The intention for this community is to raise the consciousness of the planet, by first making inner shifts which will naturally spill over into all and everything around us. The online membership currently includes a fortnightly Zoom call

£11.00 / month

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Online Community

Jo will livestream a weekly guided meditation directly into the community, and fortnightly we share a zoom call together. Please feel free to share whatever insights you are having towards becoming more self-realised / enlightened, this group is like an open-mike night; the floor is available to us all.
The calling work is a great place to begin this journey together, and you can watch Jo interview Cory Katuna who guided Jo to Blissful Infinity when you join the online community. She asks:

  • what is our calling
  • how do we find it
  • how do we stay connected to it