Online Cacao Ceremony

Sunday 17th May
11am – 3pm

Four hour Cacao Ceremony and journey of meditations
with Jo and Dominic De Rosa

THIS EVENT WILL TAKE PLACE ONLINE. We’ll send you half a block of Keith’s Cacao before the event so that you can make cacao at home before the ceremony, and have plenty left over to enjoy another time. 


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Online Cacao Ceremony

We’ll be drinking a ceremonial dose of Keith’s Cacao, and then diving deep into our sub-conscious minds. Jo and Dominic will lead you on various meditations, with discussions in-between on what you have experienced. The pair are experienced in guiding ceremonies, having held them at Inner Guidance for the last seven years.

Wear comfy clothes, bring your favourite mug and blanket, and get prepared to know yourself on a completely new level…

**If you can’t make it to this ceremony, our next one will be Sunday 13th September**


Here’s what our guests had to say about their experience:

“Jo & Dom create a perfectly comfortable and safe space to allow cathartic and learning experiences to arise without fear.  They are strong and supportive and if you are ready your understanding and ascension will take a quantum leap.” Gillian

“Today was a good day.  Transported to a better level playing ground of life.  ‘I feel OK so I am OK’ is what I’m taking home.  Thanks Jo and Dom.” Lou

“As always with me, it will take time until I process all that has just happened.  Overall my experience was more than I expected.  Really thankful to my wife to bring me hear and really grateful that I was part of this.  Thank you!” Milen

“Wonderful journey with incredible people. Cacao is a powerful teacher. Loved the guided and gong meditations and sound bath.  Huge thank you to the inspirational and amazing Jo and Dom.” Nicola xx

“Can highly recommend this to anyone that want to open their heart, mind, body and spirit using the magical properties of cacao.  Jo and Dom are amazing facilitators. The space is so sacred and special.  Thank Jo and Dom for opening me up to my potential.” Theresa xx

“Connecting with others who were so open and honest unlocked something deep inside.  The cacao too me to an incredible level and switched off my mind.  The gong wash cleared me and cleaned me until I felt so open, expansive and clear.  Once I came back to reality, I felt very afraid as if some dark horrific fear was rising. I know this is necessary, so all is good. :)” Fiona

“The day exceeded my expectation. All is good.  I need and I do believe next couple of days will be much more.  Thank you for having me :)” Edyfa

“As a newbie I found today a great introduction to meditation etc.  Such an interesting experience. I’ll be back for more!” Christine

“I find the whole experience very nurturing, energising and inspiring.  I felt held and well-supported.  The whole experience reminded me about the importance of staying true to myself and live my life in alignment.  This whole experience opened me up to taking my life to the next level.  Thank you very much.”  Anna

“I feel like I come home when I come here. I need to come here more often and I will join the emails news page. I love being here and it’s a special place in my heart!”

“Experience was relaxing, enlightening and went very quickly. Jo and Dom make you feel very relaxed. Their home is wonderful, it’s serene. Lunch was also amazing.”

“Wonderful, relaxed and happy”

“Overall super great experience, the hosts were lovely and very experienced, very nice vibes and it was flowy from start to end. Topped up with a lovely meal, with the location also being awesome. Very happy with all the day. Will definitely recommend to friends.”

“This has been a wonderful experience. Thank you! I am absolutely in love with this place and energy it has. I wish we could stay in this tranquility for more than just couple of hours. Thank you both for creating this accepting, safe and welcoming environment where everyone is able to feel and be the way they are. Hope to see you some time in the future!”

“Fabulous morning of meditation. I went through a total gamet of emotions from the realisation that my heart was still broken to feeling light and energy coursing from a tiny spot in my heart to my whole body- every cell. I will definitely do this again if you run it again- please do!”

Cacao Ceremony