Monthly Meeting

We meet at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre on the 2nd Thursday of each month between 9.30am and 2pm to share and support each other. With this subscription you automatically get access to the online community. Next meeting to be confirmed, once the lockdown has been lifted; for now we are only offering the online membership, which includes a weekly Zoom call

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Monthly Meeting

They’ll be a theme for the meeting and you can expect the following:
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Sharing Circle
  • Meditation
  • Discussion On Theme
  • Intentions For Month Set (if appropriate to you)
  • Two Course Gourmet Vegan & ‘Clean’ Lunch
  • Walk The Grounds, Hot Tub, Swim, Chill In The Space

Inner Guidance Retreat Centre
Hill Farm
Brent Eleigh Road
CO10 9PB

tel: +44 (0)1787 249798



“This meeting coincided with a particularly fearful time in my world (and I almost didn’t come). I found it helpful to process and really looked at some of the fear and I found myself getting a little bit more perspective which is what I really needed today.  Thank you.  The meditation was so helpful, just as simple as focussing on the breath as a focus for coming back to the now.  Then, followed by a delicious lunch – nourished, ready to go back to the world again.”  Sarah

“Such a blessing to join with others who are struggling like me.  We all have something to say that helps: – helps us by letting it out and being honest and vulnerable; helps others by identifying with us.  I always feel enormously lifted and supported in this group.” Fi

“Today was very insightful and reflective to observe the duality of fear.  What it teaches us and how it can bring us into the present moment of appreciation.” Lou

“‘Everything returns to love, if you just let it’.  Blissful Infinity is the monthly reminder to return to love.  ‘All you need is love! Love is all you need’ – Beatles – ‘Love will keep us together’ – Captain & Tenille.”  Karen

“Another wonderful meeting.  Another amazing connection. Another powerful insights (sic). Thank you.” Vendulka

“Such a special space of open sharing & vulnerability – a safe space, a held space.  Nothing is off limits and there’s no judgement.” Gillian

“Love the fact we can all be so honest and open in a feeling of safety. Sharing out deepest fears with our soul sisters is liberating.” Tamara

Thank you Jo and thank you tribe for enabling and holding space.  There is only love and I feel truly blessed.”  Lynn

“Loved today’s theme and it provides a great platform for us all to be vulnerable and to share so openly and lovingly.  It serves as a great reminder for us all.  Being here, being in community and sharing the love in these challenging times is a true blessing.” Lara

“Such an amazing group and I can already feel such a deep sense of connection and alignment as it grows.  Thank you for holding the space so mindfully and beautifully enabling us all to share, listen, be and experience being held.  Really looking forward to see how it grows and evolves over the coming months. With love xx” Lara

“Our group feels completely equal especially today when we all had a certain amount of time to talk.  I’ve never felt equal in a group before.  I feel just as important and as much as a right to say something as everyone else.  That is a very unique and special feeling for me. IT is empowering and absolutely marvellous!” Tamara

“Great to have the discipline of a timer to distill sharing into its core rather than a ramble :).  Loving the openness of the group to speak from the heart in a confidential, held space.” Gillian

“Another voyage, exploration around the table.  A further uncoverment (sic) through our multi-dimensional selves.  A group of trust and harmony.  A transportation on a like-minded bus.  Bloody love it!!! Louise

“Blissful Infinity day three was another amazing, wonderful meeting of our strengthening tribe of should sisters. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to grow this community.  Thank you for the opportunity to dig deep and look at who I really am at core and to be proud of who I am.” Lynn

“To be in that place of Blissful Infinity – nothing else matters – .” K x

“Every Blissful Infinity meeting surprises me.  Listening to what others have to say from their hearts ignites feelings and insights into mine.  This is about connection on a very open and honest level, and it is a privilege to be part of this amazing group.” Fi

“I enjoyed today’s connection, new insights, new thoughts to ponder upon and also new theme to make me go deeper inside and to challenge me.  Thank you Jo for holding this space.” Vendulka

“Wonderful, magical meeting. Blessed and grateful to connect with like-minded people and to share in a safe non-judgemental environment.  Very grateful to Jo for creating this group xx :).” Nicola

“Today was incredibly thought provoking!  Jo has this wonderful ability to introduce and talk about Really Big Topics in a way that feels digestible, and the ambience and energy in the room is one of calm, support, and non-judgement that allows reflection to happen in a natural and organic way.  Thank you Jo and the BI community.  I’m finding this tremendously helpful and a source of comfort, inspiration and growth as we move through month to month.” Sarah

” Today has been very insightful and so much more than I was expecting.  Amazing to hear everyone’s inspirational stories and how we all have so much commonality. Really looking forward to watching this community grow and unfold.  Thank you for bringing us all together and holding space so beautifully as you do.  Love, Love, Love xx.” Lara

“BI No. 2.  My first day out of bed all week and knew I had to come.  Another beautiful meeting with soul sisters and a chance to reflect on Mickey’s book(s).  As I drop deeper into self I thank you Jo for this opportunity.  Looking forward to next month already …. I will continue to read and conclude the book.” Lynn

“I just knew I had to come to BI to support my ‘before journey’ and ‘moving forward journey’ for my Jane Fonda Final Act.  It was so amazing(?) brilliant(?)  no words(!) to find so many Blissfully Infinite women and people. I’m so looking forward to the journey and the path I will take next.  Namaste xx”  Karen

“So interesting to hear everyone share their thoughts and experiences of reading Michael’s book and the conversations that unfolded.  Loving this group of ladies, their openness and willingness to be vulnerable.  A special group. x” Gillian

“It’s wonderful to have the time and space with like-minded individuals.  Listening to others’ experiences helps to give clarity to my own.  There is a beautiful underlying sense of love and compassion shared by all.  This is an opportunity to share and connect with supportive and positive people :).” Fiona

“Wonderful to hear everyone’s stories. We all have different experiences but have all come to a similar point at the end of it all.  A wonderful feeling of feeling connected.”

“I loved today’s session.  I still can’t believe it is only the second session because the connection and level of trust is like we have known one another for years!  Jo’s Blissful Infinity provides a beautiful, welcoming and nourishing space in which to reflect collectively with others in the group, and I find myself coming away feeling refreshed, inspired and ignited.  Love it!  AND the food is consistently amazing – a real treat at the end of a beautiful morning 🙂 x Thank you Jo and Dom”. Sarah

“Even though this was our very first meeting together, this truly felt like we had all known each other already!  So much beautiful connection in the room, filled with incredible moments of serendipity. Jo creates such a wonderful community, and when she announced this, I just knew I had to be a part of it.  Thank you and Dom for welcoming us until this beautiful space you’ve created here – and I  feel excited about 2020 and being part of the Blissful Infinity community.” Sarah

“Fabulous, inclusive and safe group filled with beautiful souls all beaming their individual light to a common calling.  Delightful to have free conversations that are not judged as ‘weird’!  A joy to be part of this high vibration group resonating for, and with, transformation for all.” Gillian

“To be in an environment with like minded people.  An invitation to reveal to yourself who you are, why you’re here.  To identify within the infinity.  To share.”  Lou

“This has been a wonderful meeting of people who are all connecting on the same level.  So many comments others have made have really resonated with me and several realisations have popped up.  I have wanted for so long to connect with others who are on the same vibration, but I didn’t realise how much this would benefit me and lift me up.  Looking forward to spending 2020 with these wonderful people.” Fi

“A wonderful, safe and warm environment and group of people to share your truth and deepest thoughts with.  The more you open up the more others open up.  A caring and sharing group.  Wonderful!”

“Hill Farm has been the most transformative haven for me.  Jo, you continue to inspire and inform me as I ‘re-become’ the person I was put on this earth to be. Blissful Infinity Session 1 feels like the platform from which massive growth and realisation can happen with soul sisters.  Thank you for this day (and the last 5-6 years :)). Namaste” Lynn