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9am UK Tuesday – Cacao Ceremony
9.30am UK Tuesday – Guided Meditation
10am UK Wednesday – Guided Meditation & Gong

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Meditation Membership

9am UK Tuesday – Cacao Ceremony via Zoom
9.30am UK Tuesday – Guided Meditation via Zoom
10am UK Wednesday – Guided Meditation via Zoom

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Meditation is the fast track to self-realisation, and our planet has never needed you to remain aligned more than now. Your practice will teach you all you need to know; your priorities will change, and your external environment will shift beyond recognition. Be prepared to live a new way. Jo never knows what will happen in these sessions, as the words are received and move through her for you to receive as messages from collective consciousness. Connect to what you are, rather than who you are, and get to know yourself from an ultimate level. It is through befriending this state, and then stabilising it, that you can then bring it forth into all corners of your life.

From Jo…

EVERYTHING now comes from my very centre, and I am powered by my connection to source, the divine, God, collective consciousness, love, ultimate reality, bliss, the light, however you wish to refer to it. When I “teach,, meditation I am actually doing nothing of the sort; the words do not come from me, they come through me from an intelligence that is waaaaay beyond this mere human body, called Jo, sitting on a cushion. I share with you the whole world, the universe, the pure potentiality of your human experience. I will open you up, unlock the door, set the scene, hold the space, but I will not “teach,, you anything, for YOU are the teacher, YOU already have the answers to every question you could ever imagine (otherwise you would have different questions), only YOU can walk through the door. I am nothing more than a guide, a way shower, light bearer illuminating your very own path…


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BLOG: Time To Get Rid Of Anything That Isn’t Aligned

The shift in service became obvious when I began to feel like a performing monkey in my communities, classes, and all the places I had historically been showing up. The thing was that I had dropped so deeply into oneness that I no longer felt any separation, meaning it made no sense to “teach,, an “other,, person because we are all one. Service to others has taken on a new form; rather than bestow a teaching, I wish to share a vibration; a flow of consciousness that runs through me. It’s subtle and those that I resonate with, I know, will understand.

And I knew it was coming, felt these shifts creep up, in fact have been writing this blog for a few weeks now, and need to share that I can literally no longer continue being who I have always thought I was and own up to what I have realised.

I can no longer teach yoga
I love my own self practice
But classes have become like a performance that have been more and more difficult to act out, and I have felt more and more disingenuous teaching them. I am doing myself no favours in continuing and it’s even less fair on my students bringing this energy to their class. After 20+ years of teaching I no longer fit into this role, it’s simply too “human,, to spend my time talking about how to place the physical body. It makes little sense to me at this time, and I wish to spend my short daily time online fully aligned.
I can no longer talk about addiction
Because I am free
There will be no more blogs about it
No further books, retreats or workshops
For to keep going back over and over again makes no sense to me and feels like I am dressing up in an old wardrobe to act out a scene from my old life. My addiction programme still runs as a whole three year course, that has already guided so many others too to freedom, and has been fully written and sits waiting for those that are ready to access the freedom that is within them. I am present once a week for a zoom hour as we sit in community and discuss not so much addiction and where that person may currently be, but freedom and where the member is headed; that is the space I hold now for Quantum Sobriety.
I am no longer an entrepreneur
The drive, push, hustle, desire for success and validation have vanished
I have nothing to prove
I have nothing to sell
I have no desire to create a new course or website
I don’t wish to be ‘visible’, or heard, or feel the requirement to promote myself
We all change
And the most important lesson is to honour that
To not continue with jobs, vocations, relationships etc that no longer resonate
Nobody wins in these situations, when there is an energy of need involved
And I know that by respecting my alignment I am holding space for others to do the same
And so my teaching takes on a new form
Do not settle
In any area of your life
For less than you are aligned to
If you do you will not enjoy life
Not get paid enough
Not feel satisfied
Not sleep well
Not experience abundance
Not feel the fullness that is available should you let go of what is no longer working
Over the last year I have given myself physical space to get to know myself
Once and for all I have released being “busy,,
And bestowed upon myself the greatest gift of all; presence
Presence with myself
Presence with my loved ones
Presence with those I choose to be in my orbit
Every single moment given 100%
Never again doing one thing and thinking about doing something else
Those days are gone
And as such a lightness and openess has landed in its place
Many of us have known for decades that a new world was coming closer, but naively believed it would present itself in the form of rainbows, unicorns, harps, crystals and big smiles. Little did we know it would actually burn our old world to the ground first with chaos, a pandemic, loss of basic rights and segregation. However transformation comes at a price, the most pronounced achievements come from the greatest adversity, there has to be friction for the metamorphosis to take place.
What I intuit is that after the darkness of these current days will be an illumination far brighter than anything we’ve ever witnessed before, and all we have to do is hold our alignment with our own truth. No one need be externally judged, as karma always delivers on its promise, and we see what our vibration allows us to.
Personally this ascension has presented itself to me in the form of releasing the need to perform, create, force in any way. In fact when I see others sharing and selling their programmes and products (and there is nothing wrong with doing this if it’s in alignment with you) it makes me shudder, recoil, contract. And it is not the “other,, that is creating that reaction; it is the mirror they hold up to me; how I used to do that and can no longer. I feel truly blessed to understand what I am feeling and to know that I can honour each of these calls to new directions, with the backup of a passive 💸 income (that’s a different story and connect with me privately for more info).
Space is now calling; how quiet can I be? How uninvolved with other lives can I get? How much of my day can be spent in the exquisite fullness of is-ness. Going forward I can only really see me sharing this experience via blogs such as these and online meditations, there is no plan to hold events or come back fully into the world. In fact our off-grid lifestyle resonates so much that I’ll probably be writing more around how we are experiencing it in the future.
I sat down at the weekend and drew out a blank calendar of a week, and decided to mix everything up. When did I want my meditation classes? What day? What time? What works best for ME?
What Is Aligned?
And Get Rid Of Anything That Isn’t
It all so obviously fell into place, my new schedule revealed itself to me, and I could see gaps opening up for daily writing, daily exercise, daily meditation, daily time in nature etc…
Everything has changed
Everything has to change
Change is guaranteed, so please stop resisting it
Nothing will ever return to what it used to be
Don’t look back
Drop down
Listen to your inner wisdom
Where is it guiding you to
What does alignment feel like
How do you find what is already within
Waiting for you
And it is the greatest gift of all
You will be amazed at how it effortlessly holds you through life
Let me know what this means to YOU….
*written and published October 2021


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It’s time to take responsibility, step out of victimhood/blame, and become fully embodied. Nobody but you can do this, it’s your journey; you are the ultimate teacher; only you know what alignment feels like; and Jo is merely opening the door and providing the environment for you to find what is already within.