realising who you are, understanding why you’re here,

and learning how best to show up in the world to be of most service to humanity


the last decision you’ll ever make is the one to live your life in alignment

And from that moment on life gets easy, because you are either taking a step towards or away from bliss. Close your eyes now and ask yourself, “what is the very next step?”, and moment to moment do the same thing, over and over again, until this becomes second nature. You get so used to living like this that you wouldn’t have it any other way and difficulty, stress, overwhelm, anger, anxiety etc.. can no longer be entertained for they do not match the vibration of who you really are; underneath who we’ve been conditioned to be by society.

Community is everything and if we become the five people we spend the most time with, who are you becoming today? Join us, a community of like-minded souls all looking to know themselves who ask every single day, over and over again, ‘who am I’? and ‘am I exactly where I want to be right now?’

If this resonates with you then do join the community and share your experience of being authentically you. I hold the space for the community to come together, but this is a collective joining of energies and a dropping back into the oneness that is all. There is no ‘leader’ or hierarchy, only those that wish to join together and lift others up via story telling and the sharing of your direct experience. From time to time there may be guest speakers, and each month there is a physical meeting where the community can join together, which will also be live-streamed into the online group for those that cannot make it in person.

background to this community, and Jo’s experience of finding her calling

I had an out of body experience when I was six, and little did I know that it would take me 41 years to realise what it meant. And now that I do, my life will never be the same again. When this happened to me I had absolutely no idea what it was, and I couldn’t talk to anyone about it as it was so weird, and led me to steal a bible, take copious amounts of drugs, and eventually a twenty+ year spiritual journey to understand what happened.

three ways you can connect to

Blissful Infinity


  •  Access to the private Facebook group
  • Weekly guided meditation livestream
  • Interactive access to the livestream of the monthly three hour meeting that happens every 2nd Thursday
  • Occasional interviews with spiritual teachers and those that are already walking the path
  • Support from a community holding a high vibration as we traverse into 5D
  • Accountability for you to step up to realise who you are, understand why you’re here, and learn how best to show up in the world to be of most service to humanity 

monthly meetings
in suffolk, uk

We meet between 9.30am and 2pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre and share our stories in person. 

  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Sharing Circle
  • Meditation
  • Discussion On Theme
  • Intentions For Month Set (if appropriate to you)
  • Two Course Gourmet Vegan & ‘Clean’ Lunch
  • Walk The Grounds, Hot Tub, Swim, Chill In The Space
  • With this membership you automatically get access to the online community
    ~ no need to sign up to that separately
  • Next meeting: 13th February


Jo offers one-to-one mentoring for those looking to expand their consciousness and become more of their true selves. The following list is what Jo has personally moved through and can support you with from an experiential level:

  • Addiction
  • Finding your calling
  • Building a successful spiritual business
  • Manifesting at a high level
  • Creating a stable personal practice (meditation, journaling, yoga etc)

We asked jo’s clients how she holds space. They said:

Jo holds space...