Announcing in a blog that I was retired and enjoying my relaxed way of life was turned on it’s head when I talked about the crypto currency and forex market company that Dominic and I had got involved with. To our surprise there were 45 people that signed up to our first call in April 2021, and as a team we now hold weekly 30 minute calls for guests, with different speakers each week sharing their stories towards financial freedom. 

The video below is my own 30 minute story, explaining our experience thus far. Make yourself a cup of tea or cacao, get comfortable, have pen and paper for notes to hand, and enjoy the information. Next steps can be found below the recording, along with my money blogs, and don’t forget to sign up to our newsletter where all of our announcements come first, sign up here.

*We are not financial advisers, simply sharing something that is working for us experientially. Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky. No past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading.


If you are interested in this opportunity then there are a few next steps to choose from. I can email you some more information about the opportunity. I can also send you the link to attend a Zoom meeting where the company slides I present in the video above are talked through by an expert who has been in the business for longer and has more knowledge and experience. At the end of this call there is also the chance to win a $300 pack!  

Additionally/alternatively you can book a free 30 minute one-to-one Zoom chat with me to discuss your personal circumstances, and to answer your questions. You can access my calendar with this link:

Jo's Blogs 
& a Guided Meditation

These blogs read sequentially; oldest to newest, so if you’ve not read any of them start at the top, and if you want the most recent that will be at the very end just before the YouTube meditation.

Blog 1:
Announcing My Retirement 😱  

NOTE: before reading this please have your journal to hand

It landed a few weeks ago, whilst sanding down some garden railings in the blistering heat, that there was nowhere else I wanted to be and nothing else I wanted to be doing. I am living exactly the way I wish to, and nothing is going to change anytime soon; let me explain…

The realisation I had was more to do with what ‘retirement’ means to me; which is the opposite of the classic assumption of reaching a certain age and cease doing a job that you’ve always done and detested for decades, and only done that because you had to for it paid the bills. I have pushed myself to the limit of my capabilities over the last 20 years of self-employment; needing recognition, visibility, validation, and always wanting my business to be BIGGER and BETTER and MORE STAFF and MORE LOCATIONS and MORE WEBSITES. Dominic and I had purchased nearly 60 website domains a couple of years ago; every time we had a brilliant new idea we’d grab the website with a view to doing something with it in the future, but never had time to get to grips with all the things we were already doing 🤪 

As part of a networking/mastermind group for a number of years my number one priority month after month was to find a better work/life balance. My mantra became,

“This month I’m going to get out of the office at 5pm”

Which never happened, and the wish was always carried over to the next months meeting, and then the next, and next; endlessly chasing my tail looking for freedom, that I would have found had I simply stopped chasing. But on and on it went; bigger, better, expansion, more responsibility, and caught up in it all I had absolutely no idea that I was caught up, until the penny dropped in 2019 (but that is a whole other story which I will tell one day).

Our retreat centre was one of millions of global businesses that disappeared last year, with many more to wind up I’m sure with mounting debt from being closed for so long. What the lockdown year gifted me was the opportunity to,

S L O W  D O W N

Time to think
Time to breath
Time to reflect
Time to adjust to the new frequency
Time to simply  B E 
& not be in the office at all!

It’s been so important to me in the last year to really take the message that the universe has given us all:


I’ve reorganised everything
Sat down and decided how many hours a day, and week, I want to “work,,
When do I want to “work,, and when do I want to “play,, and “rest,,
And it’s very clear to me 

I only “work,, between 10am and 4pm, have at least two clear days off every week, teach one meditation class and one yoga class per week and the balance is absolutely perfect. I look forward to these connections and feel energised from them, rather than drained and empty. I’ve scheduled all of my ‘output’ (zoom calls, mentoring sessions, livestreams, classes) in the morning; when I am freshly out of my meditation practice and at my most focused, creative, insightful, and with the highest energy level of the day. Afternoons and evenings are for me and me only; pottering around the house and garden, relaxing, reflecting, with NOTHING I HAVE TO DO.

By creating space in all areas of my life, I’ve had time to ask myself over and over again, 
“What do I want”
“Who and what am I”

And dropping everything that feels heavy, tight, or toxic
Those that have been reading my blogs during this time already know this
And I’ve adored spending time with me, getting underneath the labels that I’ve placed upon myself; fixer; people pleaser; entrepreneur; yoga teacher; successful at this, that, and the other.

So the question then became,
“What am I here to do”   
And the answer that always comes back is this:


Of course this is nothing new, but there was a new clarity and energy around it now. Also the realisation that,


Now Time Has Become My Greatest Luxury

I don’t desire clothes, jewels, or fancy furniture
I don’t wish to only trade my time for money
And then, on the back of these reflections, a passive income and opportunity landed in my life a couple of months ago.
It is setting me up to be passively financially free
And, therefore, my new lifestyle that I’ve settled into already IS what I class as retirement. What I am now doing, obviously with tweaks along the way, is what I will be doing until i’m 60, 70, 80, 90, 100+! I can’t see myself ever stopping sharing what works, what has got me to freedom on every level, at any point in my life. I have found balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I found myself, there is no more search, only sharing. 

So right now I wish to share this opportunity with you; set you up on the journey to financial freedom also. Money is changing; becoming more and more digital, with new streams of possibility opening up and becoming available to ‘the regular Jo’

I’ve been dabbling with crypto currency for a few months now and have recently also entered into Forex Trading. Having dyscalculia (number dyslexia) this is all very strange for me, but luckily a professional does the trading for you 😉

The paradox is having dropped my need for anything outside of myself; I’ve not bought any clothing for over a year, bought nothing online in that time also, and other than food shopping, have only purchased two pairs of sparkly trainers since the pandemic began. 


My intention for the jump into trading has been to shift the need to exchange time for money, so that I have more time to absorb myself in nature, spend time with friends and family, space for practice and reflection, to  R E L A X, and enjoy my “retirement,, 

This past year has shown all of us how life can change in an instant and we really do not know what is around the corner. I have been through periods of my life where I have taught 20+ classes per week, or have had groups staying at the retreat centre everyday for months on end; these scenarios are exhausting and not sustainable.

In all honesty the Forex Trading opportunity that has landed in my lap seems too good to be true, and I have spent the last couple of months picking the business to pieces and trying to find the catch. There isn’t one. With a small initial investment of $300, without investing anything further, you are looking at being in a position of that growing to $100k in around four years*. And remember this isn’t about the money, it’s about financial freedom, to allow you to give up all the work that isn’t aligned to your purpose and TO GIFT YOU MORE TIME WORKING OUT WHAT IS and setting that up for your future. 

Money is energy
There is nothing wrong with having money
Money can bring out the best in you; allowing you to focus on soul work
Money supports you in living in the highest reality for you
Money brings freedom
Freedom for you to relax and know that you will never again need to worry about paying bills, buying food, or doing a job you detest, and then also opens the door to give to others, get involved with a charity, or sponsor someone who hasn’t had the amazing opportunities that we are so lucky to have (Dominic’s and my plan with this new business is to do just this).

I would imagine that already 1373 words into what I have written there are some 
That have come up and are either screaming or niggling in your head; now is the time to get your journal out and make some notes around your money story. Do that now. And then keep your journal next to you as we go into….

🧘‍♂️ A Money Meditation 🧘‍♀️

Close your eyes
Come to your breath
Focus on the continuous cycle of inhale, pause, exhale, pause
What would it feel like to drop all of your limiting money beliefs and allow money to flow, just like your breath does, in and out of your body….

Focus on the continuous cycle of inhale, pause, exhale, pause
Inhale = Money flows into your life
Exhale = Money is spent wisely and effortless and in a stress free way

Focus on the continuous cycle of inhale, pause, exhale, pause
Abundance is all around you, breath it in
Let go of negative beliefs, breath them out

Focus on the continuous cycle of inhale, pause, exhale, pause
Notice what the mind throws up; make a note of it in your journal
What beliefs do you have around money
What limitations do you have around money
What have you been taught about those that have money

Come back to the meditation if you have been writing in your journal
Focus on the continuous cycle of inhale, pause, exhale, pause
Visualise yourself walking down stairs
It is a very long staircase 
…you are walking deep into your subconscious mind
When you get to the bottom you realise you are in a dark room
As you sit here you again reflect on what your mind is throwing up around money
~make a note of it if you wish, or stay here with the breath

Focus on the continuous cycle of inhale, pause, exhale, pause
In front of you
A door begins to open
At first
Just a crack
This is the door of abundance
Everything that has been off limits to you, that you have dreamt of, is beyond it
It’s not greed
It’s flow

For there is nothing “wrong,, with money per se, only how this energy is viewed and used
See only light and beauty revealing itself to you 

Focus on the continuous cycle of inhale, pause, exhale, pause
Stay grounded as this new energy pours in
Embrace it
Believe it
Embody it
Realising that you are part of it; no longer separate

Spend some time now to jot down your thoughts, feelings, projections, shifts, and the new space that has opened up where money will be able to filter in now.

I taught a 30 minute Money Meditation in class this week, and have made it available via donation here if you would like to go even deeper into your own money story.

As I have been working with these energies recently I’ve been having vivid dreams around money, so as homework keep pen and paper next to your bed and make notes as soon as you wake up (otherwise you might forget). I’d be so interested to hear about your shifts with this 😴

I must stop now, even though there is still more that wants to flow through; I’ll pick up where I left off here in the next blog, currently titled ‘The Transfer Of Wealth From Ego To Love’ which will come out on the first Super Full Moon of the year in two weeks time. And…

💸 Does A Passive Income Sound Interesting? 💸

If you want to know more then do register HERE (link now expired) to secure your place on an hour long Zoom meeting I’m holding, and if you cannot make it live you’ll receive the recording. I will talk a little about crypto and break down the details of the Forex Trading opportunity I have talked about above, in a simple manner from someone who is not a numbers person! IT’S NOT A SALES CALL lol, I simply wish to share how a small investment can grow passively, and quicker than any savings account in the land these days. I’ve spent the last couple of months doing a ton of homework on this company to be in a position now where I trust it enough to want to share it with those I know. In fact i’m at a place of, “I have to share it, it’s rude not to!”

And if you are not interested no problem. But please do still journal around what has come up for you whilst reading all the way to the bottom of this 2,181 word blog! 😲

*Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky. No past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading.

Blog 2:

Exploring ‘It’s Too Good To Be True’

Can anything be too good to be true? Could nature, god, the universe, source, the divine; however you want to call the crystalline collective energy that we are birthed from, be anything other than perfect? Surely it is our minds with their biases, fears, projections and beliefs that throw a border fence around our lives and decide, based on past experience, what is possible.  

NOTHING is too good to be true
UNLESS you decide it is

And so, just like that, the realisation came and I transcended a long held belief. It feels so good to have taken off the shroud of heaviness; of an old postulation passed down through my personal and collective lineages. I stand here today already proof that you can transcend addiction, that you can step into total freedom, that you don’t ever need to look back. And now I have a new mission; to receive large amounts of money for the first time, and to do good with it ~ more about that in my next blog (below).

If you are reading this today then the powers that be have decided that it’s time for YOU to pick open your own assumptions around what is too good to be true in life. Make a list now of what you think is beyond you, unavailable to you, what you will never have the chance to experience in this lifetime. Take a few moments to do that now, and then ask the question,

“Is there a pattern to what I’ve written?”
Is it around money
“I could never afford to do that, have that, go there” 
Or worthiness
“I’m not clever enough, beautiful enough, savvy enough”
Perhaps your addicted mind says,
“You’re not one of the ones that can get sober and find freedom” 

What boundaries have you placed upon your life,
and how are they stunting your experience?

Relatively we are human, living in a body that has a limited expiration
But ultimately
We are infinite
There is no beginning or end to our soul, our energy, our light
Therefore from that perspective nothing could ever be too good to be true 

So why do we find it so hard to open the door to abundance

I know for me when a recent opportunity came along I thought to myself that it was too good to be true. So if I allowed my mind to continue on with those thoughts and that belief, then I would have pushed a potential away in resistance. Yet it is this resistance energy that I have been working with for so many years; why was I turning away from something that the universe has provided to me? And what would happen if…..

….I took a punt and went for it anyway? 

As soon as I had that thought something even deeper opened up
Somewhere within myself that I’d not been before
A locked vault to a part of what is universally possible that I had never even known was there, let alone opened
So rather than push away and get swallowed up in resistance
I got the key out
And invited opportunity in

I have to say I have not been the same since
There is now a lightness that wasn’t there before
With the weighted voice of limitation gone, a new freedom revealed itself to me
And now
More than ever before
I realise

And so I urge you today
To take these words into your meditation, and ask yourself where you are obstructing the flow of life, love, and abundance with the belief that anything is too good to be true.

Blog 3:

💸 The Transfer Of Wealth From Greed To Giving 💸  

I have a very clear vision that is shining brightly beyond the limitations of my old beliefs around money, which have been shedding layer upon layer over the course of the last few months. What I see is those that have in the past dismissed money as being ‘unspiritual’ or even ‘evil’ are now waking up from that self-placed restriction and taking back their power, via kickstarting their sacral energy. What this looks like with our human eyes is the compassionate ones now holding the purse strings, and spending their fortunes in ways that have never been seen before at this level. Altruistic projects and donations, new charities, foundations, and scholarships all leaving lasting legacies for future generations. 

Whilst the world may seem as if it is crumbling under the heaviness of the old world order there is something else for us to focus on, what is birthing right now; The Transfer Of Wealth From Greed To Giving. What if it is your “responsibility,, to get over your money fears, dramas, limitations, and make space energetically for it to enter your life SO THAT YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER WITH IT. Can you imagine our world where the giving outweighs the greed? 

With financial freedom you are able to give up the job that drains your vibe and discourages you to remain in alignment. 

With financial freedom you no longer feel stuck and powerless in a relationship that is tied up in joint assets with none of your own. 

With financial freedom you instead have time to work out exactly what is your soul work, what you are here to do, who you can support with your unique gifts, without worrying about it having to pay the bills.

Financial freedom takes away the pressure that binds you to a life that doesn’t match your calling.   

We’ve all heard the cheesy sayings, 

“Money doesn’t grow on trees”
“You have to work hard to get anywhere in life”
“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”
“A penny saved is a penny earned”
“Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise”

Some responses from our money webinar last week:

“Mind Blowing Zoom Meeting!”
“I can’t believe $300 can turn into $100,000 passively in such a short time!” 
“My relationship with money is changing already”
“What an opportunity”

We’ve all believed I’m sure at some point in our lives, perhaps even still, that we do not deserve to be abundant. This is a western societal belief, that the majority of us are taught from the earliest age. Society is steeped in lack, that there is not enough money, not enough food, not enough happiness, and that we are not enough.

Then we are also trained that once we leave school we must trade our time for money. For me this has been an incredible shift over the last few years; from teaching 20+ yoga classes per week and rushing around to different locations throughout the day and evening to deliver them, to now teaching two classes per week from home and LOVING the relaxed experience. With the forex trading someone else is doing that for you, no time for money is exchanged at all, and every single member in the community earned 66.80% of their investment, passively, in the first quarter of 2021* 😲

So this opportunity came into my life, and as one of the sayings above states, I truly thought,

“This is too good to be true”

On a 3D level I watched the videos, asked questions, and educated myself so that I understood the business side of things, and decided that the benefit outweighed the risk. And let’s face it everything in life holds some risk; you could be made redundant, lose your business, and in our recent history both the stock market and housing markets have crashed.

What was really interesting once the decision to jump in had been made was the personal value questions that began to come up. I realised that although many people around me have money, I’ve never had a considerable sum and held on to it for a period of time. When money has come in it’s almost like I have felt the need to get rid of it quickly; like it is dirty or it makes me dirty. This is what our society has taught us to believe.

Then the floodgates opened and I began to have almighty shifts around my view of money. For the first time in my life I fully surrendered to “having,, money and something clicked; in the next instant I was a dropping of all the limiting beliefs I’ve ever been trained to have around wealth.

When I organised the webinar I thought that a handful of people would be interested and that maybe three or four would be on the call live, and one or two would perhaps sign up to the project. What actually happened was that 45 people signed up with more than half of those following up with me. I’ve been working flat out since getting crypto accounts set up, trading accounts activated, and they are now all earning daily profits; around 1% of their investment daily*.

What this is about is FLOW
My current project merely a vehicle for the inner work to first be revealed, and then healed.
Money, creativity and sexuality all come from the same place, the sacral chakra, whose element is water and the colour orange. I’ve never felt so in flow in my life before and as my money wounds dissolve I can feel myself get even more in flow and I sense this whole new cycle opening up.

I’m done with being told that as a spiritual person, teacher, healer etc.. that I should not be charging money for what I do. Being in this industry for 20+ years I have heard it time and time again but what these healers, shamans, therapists don’t see is that money is energy, just like anything else. So why would you push it away? Why would you deny it? Where is this resistance coming from? The answer is it comes only from your mind, for energy is neutral, MONEY IS NEUTRAL, it is only it’s holder that has a perception of it. 

We have to work with our own money wound first
To understand what our beliefs are; what we have been trained to project onto money

What if us spiritual folk had been pushing money away, as evil, and it was actually the key to us understanding flow in all areas of our lives as well as collectively? What if the very thing that we turned away from was the key? 

‘The Transfer Of Wealth From Greed To Giving’ is the switch from taking from the field to giving TO it. 

When we realise that we have everything that we could possibly ever need within us already
When we feel so full of self-acceptance, then it naturally spills over
When we notice that our energy field has switched direction; from lack and need, to abundance and generosity
When we reach that pivotal moment it all changes
We no longer want anything external to ourselves, thus all resistance drops like a heavy cloak to the floor. The lightness that remains is so pure, so attractive, that all the things we used to ‘want’ naturally come flooding in, simply because we don’t need them anymore! It is one of life’s greatest paradoxes. 


Can you imagine the tipping point of those living from this place of wholeness, the heart and their truth being the ones that hold the human currency of money? How the world would change if that were to happen; we would become a much more compassionate race; we would focus on nature, balance, and love rather than ego, money and power. This is my vision and my intention, it excites me and instantly places me in a position of expansion on all levels

There is more than enough for all of us, and YOU are already enough to step into abundance on all levels my friend xx

*Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky. No past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading.

Blog 4
Too Risky For You?

It comes in many forms and is something that we are weighing up in every moment. We risk our lives everyday; crossing the street, eating food, driving a car. Yet risk also comes in more subtle forms; we open our hearts in relationships, our bank accounts to investments, and our wounds in deep healing. Each time we are weighing up the potential benefit versus the risk. Moment by moment we are calculating first what we can get out of a situation, then on a deeper level; how much evolution is available in each circumstance. 

Where is the growth?
Where is the bliss?
Conscious mindful risk is expansion
For enchantment isn’t in the safety of your comfort zone
Adventure isn’t inside a box
And If you remain contained within the boundaries you’ve placed upon yourself, you will not experience the magic that is all around you.

We just passed 10 months of living in Spain. That was a risk; could we leave our family, would the animals be ok in an unknown land, would my elderly father-in-law miss the rain and cold too much 🤭🤣

We’ve all experienced a broken heart, the pain of separation, yet still we go back for more realising that yes the deeper the pain = the deeper the potential for love. Each relationship teaches something more about ourselves, our boundaries, our capabilities. We yearn, adore, devote, appreciate, lust, respect, attach, revere, alongside the pain, agony, sadness, suffering, worry, mourning, distress, depression and woe.

Dominic and I have both worked for ourselves for the last 20+ years and each business we have set up has been a risk; some failed, some ticked over, some succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. For me, as I cannot speak for anyone else but perhaps it resonates, this expansion is part of me. It is something that my soul wants to experience; to know more of itself as it reaches further outwards beyond the boundaries and limitations that the mind and ego like to rigidly place.

We sit in our comfort zone, but if we’re honest we’re not comfortable at all; we are simply so used to our lives that it is plain easier to remain where we are. Ill-health is not comfortable, loneliness is not comfortable, debt is not comfortable, yet to transcend these states we must jump OUT of our comfort zone and into an unknown territory, with only our alignment guiding the way as a compass. In fact this is the most direct route possible; to drop the filters (more about that in my next blog) and allow our wisdom to ramp up to its full power. If only we realised that alignment is not just our compass but a lighthouse guiding us to safety. 

Every time we widen our capacity by getting “out of the box,, we lengthen and mature this new muscle, which works just as our physical body stretches when we exercise. With meditation we tame the wild horse (mind) by understanding its movements, rather than trying to control it. We’re working with our natural nature rather than forcing ourselves to find a specific outcome; it’s much much more organic than that.

The Medicine
Even if you are not up for “doing,, the meditation below, at least read it through so that the concept is drawn into your energetic field; it is medicine and will work as it needs to with each person. There is of course an importance of “sitting,, formally in meditation, to tame the mind, but we can also have a much more relaxed practice; to consciously read the following words, and listen to the recording that sits alongside it. It’s time to think outside the box of our practice, and I invite you to take the medicine in three different ways: 

  1. Formally: sit still in formal posture and listen to the recording
  2. Informally: have the recording playing in the background whilst you get ready in the morning | have lunch | are walking the dog | are in the bath etc..
  3. At bedtime: listen to the recording as you drift off to sleep, knowing that the medicine is communicating to the level of you where we are all connected; this happens beautifully and naturally in the meditative state just before you fall asleep. I always listen to guided meditations this way every night

What I share, in my writing and meditations, are channeled transmissions and each person will receive them differently, at different times of the day, in different moods. Sometimes the information is received deeper whilst the person is walking in nature rather than sitting on their cushion, and it is these boundaries that many place upon doing “the practice,, that we are now breaking down. The belief “I’m too busy to meditate,, simply isn’t valid any more; you can practice at any time and need to find your own way with this. This week you have a meditation both in written and video form.

The Meditation
Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Outside The Box

Sit comfortably with you back straight, in a chair or on the floor 
Close your eyes
Begin to notice the sounds around you
Sounds far far away, and closer
Watch your mind begin to judge the sounds and place them into different categories; ‘good’ ‘annoying’ ‘pleasing’ ‘distracting’ etc
Stabilise this for as long as you need to

Become aware of the space in between you as a human sitting where you are, and the sounds that you hear
Drop into those gaps
Investigate for a moment this void

Let go of trying to understand it
And become it
Stay here for as long as you wish to

Visualise your human self sitting on our planet, governed by the senses and external energies and circumstances. Then see how our emotions and thoughts are like the air within Earth’s atmosphere; they/we seem free but are actually bound by gravity, there is a boundary that they bump up against, and that keeps our feet on the ground.
Stay with this concept for however long you have time for 

We are going to go beyond our comfort zone and into space
Literally blasting through Earth’s atmosphere
What is on the other side is freedom, peace, infinity
What is on the other side are all our wildest dreams
There are no things, people, feelings, emotions
Just pure love vibration
See if you can drop into that, even for just a split-second
If you do
You’ll never ever forget it
And it will become the most precious experience of your life

It is something that I “chased,, until I realised that it was only in the letting go that it could come towards me
Enjoy your time suspended within the realm of pure potentiality
Remain here for as long as you can
Drifting in space
And know that this vibration is what you are made of

It comes from, and through, you
You are it already
You are not “going,, anywhere
It’s time to come home

Trust and alignment are what ground us
We need these two …
To allow us to explore space
Trust and alignment are your roots
Your stabiliser wheels
Holding you steady
Giving you confidence to lift off into the unknown

The recorded guided meditation goes into much more detail, so if you have enjoyed these written words then do take some time to listen to the full 30 minute meditation, in any of the three ways talked about above. As ever the recordings that I share are on a donation basis, so please offer what is resonant with you 🙏   

If you would like to explore financial freedom further then do get in touch. I am also offering mentoring sessions for those wishing to deepen their connection to “what,, they truly are, and once and for all drop their limiting stories.

Blog 5
Decentralised Living

I’ve always known I am different
Stuck out from the crowd
Never felt like I fully fit in
And in the beginning, as a child, it’s uncomfortable to stand out; you try to blend, conform, be popular; and that only happens when you are the same as everyone else. Of course as a child I fought it hard, this inert flow of questioning why, but the enquiry continued as so much of our ‘normal’ life simply did/does not make sense to me. Here are just a few of my questions from the last 49 years:

WHY do I have to work hard my whole life trading time for money?
So I left my stable job to go travelling on the other side of the world for two years, which turned into a six year adventure, and now years later the majority of what I earn is passively.

WHY do I have to have a mortgage and be settled?
So I sold up and spent the money on setting up my first business in the year 2000 

WHY do I have to work 9 to 5 in a job I hate so that I can pay the bills for a property I hardly enjoy because I am out working so hard?
So I opened a shop selling only items that I personally loved, and unlocked the doors to the general public only when I felt like it (during those years there was a lot of partying). I lived above the shop and enjoyed my ‘commute’ down the stairs, having spent the previous 12 years commuting into central London.  

WHY should I believe what the government say is true?
Well I never did and never could understand why anyone believed the government have our best interest at heart, and not their own service-to-self agenda. I’ve been saying it for years that there has to be a better way, but still decades later we are stuck with an old-fashioned system that is simply not fit for purpose. I have never resonated with my, or any, MP, never connected to them, or felt supported. My Green Party vote was a 🖕to the two ‘main’ parties that squabble, name call, beat their chests in dominance, and generally act like they’re in a playground; is this really how we wish to be governed? Not me thanks!

WHY do you have to live in the country you were born in?
So I lived in Thailand for six years and am now resident in Spain

WHY should I be Christian just because the majority of people are in the country I was born in?
So I explored many beliefs, and came to the decision in my 20s that I had ‘my own’ religion, made my own rules, with my mantra being “everything happens for a reason”. I can remember knowing this from perhaps my earliest remembered thoughts, alongside of course my two ‘enlightenment’ experiences around the age of six (read about that here:

Yoga and Meditation entered my orbit in the 1990s and opened the door to what I knew, from the very first class, was what my soul had been searching for. It was to be the turning point. As discussed in the link above, when I experienced bliss when I was six I had nobody to talk to about it and began the search to recreate it in all the wrong places (drugs, alcohol etc). So when this spiritual practice came into my life it instantly gave me many answers that I had been searching for.

Buddhism then came in my early 30s, I was so ready!, and this was when the wheel really started turning. For the very first time in my life there was an institution that I resonated with. I threw myself into study and practice and am forever grateful to the teachings, whose foundation is, 

Here are the teachings, but don’t take my (the Buddha’s) word for it; go and live them and find out for yourself if they are true.

It was the “permission,, to work it out for myself that, rather than be told what to do/think/feel/eat/say/act, I had been looking for during the whole of this lifetime. FOR THE FIRST TIME I FELT VALIDATED IN BEING ME JUST THE WAY I AM within an organisation. I would evolve further still over the forthcoming years to not need ‘validation’ from anything external, becoming ‘self-sourced’ entirely; needing nothing from anyone.

Buddhism, meditation, and self-reflection set me up for what Wayne Dyer called “the afternoon of life”. In the beginning we are in the ‘morning of life’; we believe what we are told and conform to fit in. But somewhere along the line, and for me I intuitively always knew this (hence the search), we realise there is another way; living from the inside out rather than the outside in. From here we TRUST OURSELVES more than society; we become our own inner authority.

I entered the rite of passage of discernment; a fundamental shift from listening to the outside for my cues, to a deep trust of the wisdom that had always resided within me.

WHY do you have to get married in white, and in a church?
So I got married in black, and in a Buddhist temple

WHY do you believe the clever marketers of junk food?
Having spoken to a Michelin starred trained chef they told me that they are taught to blend sugar, oil, and salt to reach ‘the bliss point’ in the mouth. When found the consumer has an experience they wish to replicate over and over again, and thus you have yourself a repeat customer. I now find it difficult to eat out in restaurants; the majority of which are doing it purely for profit using cheap ingredients with no nutritional value. For me eating out is purely about the social experience, as I much prefer Dominic’s food!

Junk food is even worse; as it is not even packaged up as ‘wholesome’, although some have now even jumped on this bandwagon. You know when you eat chocolate, crisps, cakes, biscuits you’re eating rubbish, that they’ve been developed with the sole intention to get you addicted, yet still allow the circus into your life. We are addicted, yet deeply in denial.

WHY do you eat foods that are not good for you?
I feel very blessed to have been gifted my time teaching yoga at Spa Samui in Thailand and learning about healthy food whilst in my 20s. I met many teachers there from around the world, and learnt about fasting, raw food, juicing, colonics along with a whole collection of alternative therapies.  

My journey has brought me to eliminate sugar, meat, grains, all animals products, and processed food from my daily life. Just because the majority eat them does not mean that I have, or want, to. 

Food addiction is one of the most insidious of them all, because we have to continue to eat, thus the need to find a balance with food rather than total elimination (as with drugs and alcohol etc). We grow up with the ‘prize’ of junk food for good behaviour; this causes untold damage that we must painfully unpick in adulthood. Not only that, it also leads us to this fix and reward game throughout our life; can we halt this conditioning, for just because it was done to us does not mean we cannot wake up and change the story.

WHY do you drink alcohol?
You wouldn’t believe how many people have tried to get me to drink alcohol, even when I told them I had a problem with it. Alcoholism is so deeply rooted in western society, certainly in the country of my birth, with a firm belief that it calms you along with making you the life and soul of the party, plus helps you celebrate and commiserate all at the same time. It sounds more like a magical potion until you peel the label off and notice the toxic spell ingredients held within. 

The poison of alcohol, along with sugar and junk food, is handed down from generation to generation like an award for fitting in with society. Have you seen any of this for what it truly is? Or are you choosing to remain in inertia?

WHY would I take a medical procedure that is still in its testing stage?
If you know me well it should really not come as a shock that I am not interested in even considering taking a shot in the arm until 2023 when the FULL license comes through and it comes out of its testing phase. And the more the media and society coerce me a certain way, the wider the gap gets to me getting it, as I simply do not operate from fear. The situation we find ourselves in right now feels like a greater and greater tightening of our freedoms, and an iron fist of control (I’ve started writing about this, for a future newsletter). 

The conditioning with most of the above is lifelong and like a thick jungle to hack your way through. It doesn’t happen over night, and is not an easy journey to undertake; you come up against so many filters, your own and others’ (more about that in my next blog), but ultimately alignment to your truth is the only path you can take. And we much each do the same, with no personal journey being the same, and be ok with that! 

Why would you want to coerce someone our of their truth?
Why would you knowingly pull a person out of alignment?
Yet that is what is happening every single time you turn on your tv 

Decentralised Eating & Health
Now into my 50th year as I look back I am not surprised that I have unplugged, and continue to do so, in all areas of my life. We are in the process of growing as much of our own food as possible; currently oranges, lemons, mandarins, prickly pears, broad beans, french beans, a range of tomatoes, chillis, peas, cucumbers, lettuce, kale, rocket, olives, asparagus (wild), melons, potatoes, and a range of herbs (sorry if i’ve missed anything out Dominic!).

Decentralised Leadership
The governmental structure will change and be brought up to date so that the majority can connect with it. I see this manifesting first within our own lives and businesses; unplugging from what does not nurture and forge ahead with work that fills your heart and soul. 

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

These are timeless words. Draw them into your fundamental intentions for everything; how you present yourself to the world, including how you make money. It’s no longer relevant in this new world to do a job you hate just to pay the bills; it sucks the life out of you and separates you from the potential life you could be leading. We cannot expect our external landscape to update until we are willing to do so; we matter; our choices matter; what we give to the field energetically creates what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch physically. 

Decentralised Finance
Add in decentralised money via crypto wallets instead of centralised bank accounts, and a shift in the age old belief of exchanging time for money. Plus making a consistent 1%* return on investment per day trading on the Forex market, and not having to do anything myself. We have currently earned $4k+ in the last couple of months, and are so thrilled with how it is going that Dominic and I are planning on hosting another webinar on the subject; let us know if you’re interested in joining.

Also one of my alt coins (alternative to Bitcoin) is currently sitting at £0.000006222 and is tipped to get to $1. Now I have 15 million of these babies so that could get very interesting! 

Decentralised Living
We live off-grid and so remote that you cannot see another house. We’re at the end of our track at the foot of a huge mountain range, and the electricity poles ended about two miles up the road. Our solar system has held up well and it’s been months since we last had to put the generator on. We are on mains water, but looking into setting up rain water collection, and with no real need or desire to mix with many or go anywhere; this is decentralised living. You find your place on earth. You find where your soul sings, and where you rely on very little noise other than that of nature. And you know when you find it, because there is never a feeling of wanting to be somewhere else or a sense of missing out on something. There is no desire to go on holiday, because we have found our heaven on Earth; perhaps in the future we’ll feel different but right now this is it for the foreseeable. 

Decentralised Emotions
What this boils down to primarily is a deep seated TRUST in yourself. I found this through meditation and self-reflection, via yoga and Buddhism, but we all find our own path to self-realisation. And once you find YOU there can never be any going back, no amount of governmental or media coercion could budge you off your aligned post. Once you have switched from the ‘morning of life’ to the ‘afternoon of life’ (I highly recommend you watch Wayne Dyer’s ‘The Shift’, which can be found on YouTube), you decentralise your emotions and drop into the space where you decide your vibration and take that out into the world, rather than the world deciding how you are going to feel today. 

Decentralised living is ultimately living from alignment; decisions are based upon how you feel right now right now right now, rather than how you ‘should’, are ‘supposed’ or ‘expected’ to, or have done in the past. There is only one authentic way, everything else is an old conditioned pattern (and most don’t even realise they are operating from it). Are you ready to take the conscious decision to unplug and begin listening to your own wisdom, take cues from your inner authority, and allow your life to unfold moment by sacred aligned moment.

*Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky. No past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading.

Welcome To The Future

To be an active part of the biggest transference of wealth we’re ever likely to see is fun! Last weekend I paid for our first (of many) meals out with Bitcoin on a crypto credit card. The waiter didn’t know it (it looks like a regular card), and perhaps this particular Thai restaurant on the Spanish coast just took their first Bitcoin payment ever! 

Welcome to the future of spending

Of course I don’t want to loose cash altogether, but I can see a time in the very near future where I’ll/we’ll be paying for all our goods and services via these crypto credit cards (I have two different ones). The high street bank is already disappearing, with most now online only and closing physical branches everyday. The money landscape is drastically changing; are YOU shifting with it? I have money in various different places, a number of alt coins (alternative to Bitcoin crypto currencies), and what I love about this new world is that it holds limitless potential; ie: any one of these virtual currencies could go through the roof at any time and I could be an instant millionairess! 

This matches, of course, with the inner work I have been doing for the last 25+ years. And it’s such a paradox because no sooner had I truly taken on the dropping of all wants and needs, that effortless financial abundance came knocking and all that I had ever wanted before became available.  

Before you are able to manifest on the external plane*

Welcome to the future of manifestation

Many years ago I tore up my vision board and never made another. The first reason for this was I had manifested everything on it, but also because I had arrived at a place in my life where I didn’t “want,, anything more. I was so full, so whole, so abundant that there was nothing “outside,, of myself that I required. It was all within, I was at bursting point, living in a beautiful state of self-sourcing. For the last few years I can now see that I had begun the journey of shedding what I thought abundance meant; the mansion, the Range Rover, the ‘success’; all ego, all who I used to think I wanted to be. 

Last year was dramatic for all of us. For me walking away from Hill Farm and the beautiful business we had built for ourselves there was the ultimate symbol of shedding the old me. As we stepped into our new life in the Spanish mountains, off-grid, in the middle of nowhere, nobody knowing us, it felt like bliss and freedom.

Then at the beginning of this year as I began to dabble in crypto and forex, opportunity arrived**. I had begun to participate in a transfer of wealth; from greed to giving; from fiat to crypto, from big corporations to the regular Joe. We, yes you and I, now have an opportunity to play in an arena that we never had access to before. It used to just be the banks, the hedge funds, and wealthy investors that could partake. 

However this shift is not about the money
This is a fundamental transition to a feminine era
The masculine will lose it’s power, money, and control over the masses
We are currently witnessing it’s dying flail 
Like the ego, it doesn’t want to leave
But the more attention we give it the more power it retains
So what to do?

Manifestation in the new paradigm

Before we start
It is time to let go of the past
Untangle from struggle
Stop going around and around in circles
Focus on now and where we are going
Rather than where we have been / are stuck / wish to move on from

As I write I am connecting to those that have been ‘doing the work’ for a number of years already
Have looked within
Faced their demons
Dropped their story, to a degree at least

I’ve been in the ‘self-help’ arena for 20+ years, been mentoring, teaching, coaching, supporting myself as well as others in that time. Now we are somewhere different; those that have been ‘doing the work’ are ready to step out of their old restraints and experience, at last, what they have been intuiting forever.

So manifestation in the new paradigm is firmly in the now
Not sticking pictures on paper, visualising where you wish to be, or fantasising what you think your future might look like 
We are in a much more surrendered space
It’s not about anywhere other than RIGHT HERE
To accept yourself for who you are
To accept your body
To accept your past
To accept your situation
To accept EVERYTHING just as it is right now

For it is from this sacred surrendered space that magic happens
Manifestation comes from already feeling ENOUGH 
A sense of abundance already within our cells
The external world then  H A S   T O  offer up the same
The external world then  H A S   T O  deliver the same vibration that you are in
The external world then  H A S   T O  always matches what is within

And then from that space the unbelievable happens
So much more amazing than anything you would be able to stick on a physical vision board; beyond your wildest dreams; so far beyond the scope of your mental capacity. We are going beyond anything that you’ve ever experienced before, as the mind can only visualise what it has already witnessed.

The problem

I still see many struggling with their mindset and lack energy. I used to hear the following a lot,

“I’ve done my vision board, but nothing is happening”

Can you see the problem here?
Actually there is more than one issue in the above statement, so let’s break it down

  1. Why are you telling me / asking me? This is all to do with your energy, and there is nothing I can do about it; I cannot manifest it for you
  2. The above person is in a state of conscious lack; ‘I want something that I haven’t got’ so is going to repeat the problem over and over again 
  3. There is a sense of what you want is ‘over there’ separate from you ‘over here’
  4. All other options, other than what the mind has thrown up in its limited capacity, have been discarded. Meaning that magic has no doorway, as the expectation is that the manifestation HAS to come in the form that is wished for; I call this unconscious lack 

So how can you accelerate the process?
There are three things you can do instantly

In third place: spend your precious time and energy with abundant people; those that know they are already whole and nothing is lacking. Surround yourself with those that stretch your limits and pull you up and outwards, rather remain stagnant where you are, or worse still pull you back and down. There are many communities doing just this, including our own Blissful online group

In second place: surround yourself with abundance ie: nature. She knows what to do and is the most consistent teacher you can possibly come in to contact with. Watch as she grows even though the elements may be stormy; land is extremely fertile after a fire. Go for walks, look up at the sky, drink in the forever changing landscape.

In first place: open yourself up to opportunity; if something comes knocking on your door don’t push it away and place the ‘that’s too good to be true’ label on it. That is your ego making a judgement based upon past experience. 

We simply do not know what is possible
because we’ve never experienced it before

This is exactly why vision boards don’t work at this level
(they do in the beginning, and if you haven’t worked through this stage then this is a good place to start, and understand the whole process)
It is so much more subtle than houses and cars
It is so much more powerful than houses and cars
Having houses and cars are great, there’s nothing wrong with them
However having the internal feeling of all fulfilling wholeness is another level entirely

Abundance is available in every single moment 
Of every single day
It doesn’t go away, because it is what you live from
So there is no need to fear that you are about to lose everything

*I am writing and speaking to those that have been ‘doing the work’ for a number of years; have had the vision board; know the manifestation process as taught by ‘The Secret’, and are ready to move to the next level of consistent, permanent if you like, manifestation. 

**I am not a financial advisor, only offer reflections of my own personal experience. Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky. No past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading.

Get Paid To Work Through Your Money Story 💸

I’ve never before found myself in the middle of a project/company that has the ability to give you so much all at once. People’s triggers are exploding like popcorn, one by one by one, and the resistance that we are all coming up against is immense. From families, friends, the bank, and of course Google; arrows being fired towards us in the attempt to hold us back from our potential. Only the strong make it through, those that can see beyond the fear, the rest will get caught up in the ‘it’s too good to be true’ mantra.

And remember what you believe you become, so if you go through life convinced that nothing comes without effort, then guess what? Nothing will. We ALL are self-realising prophecies; where our attention goes, energy flows, so you cannot escape from your beliefs. And it is exactly this that I am witnessing now within a ground-breaking company that is paying us 1% per day trading returns*. It is decentralised, unregulated because it doesn’t have to be, and forging ahead with a brand new way of straddling the old and new financial systems. This hybrid company is guiding us to a new money, and seems to be attracting those who can intuit a new world where the people, rather than the institutions, hold the purse strings. 

However, once in is where the fireworks really begin to go off. Each of us has had a ‘wobble’ as our old money stories fire up on all cylinders with their attempt to sabotage our financial freedom,

‘Could this actually be real’
‘Is wealth this easy’

and most importantly ‘AM I WORTHY OF IT’

So the courageous souls find themselves vilified from those on the outside, but start to see their balance stack up within the company, and a confidence begins to grow. It’s sad that society has conditioned us to believe that financial freedom is available only to the elite, and that the rest of us are destined to struggle through life in a perpetual state of lack. But this is what has been drummed into us, and it can be ugly as we unpick all that we have been taught.

‘Could this actually be real’
‘Is wealth this easy’

and most importantly ‘AM I WORTHY OF IT’

What we find when we’re brave enough to look underneath the surface level of disbelief and calls of ‘SCAM!’ is a smooth flow of ease and surrender. As we let go of the institutional financial indoctrination we are left with,

‘What if….?’

What if I earn 1% return* everyday for the next five, ten, or twenty years? What would that mean to my future, my children’s future, and those I care about? Our mind expands, we begin to see a crack in the armour that society placed upon us from the earliest age, and an expansion of what could be opens up. 

As we go through this learning, realising, releasing and understanding WE GET FINANCIALLY REWARDED FOR THE PRIVILEGE. What a beautiful way of beginning to heal your money wound; to get paid to work through the story 💸

Come in at a comfortable level for you, entry level is $300, have a look around and get paid every week while you heal. Why would you not earn $10 a week for doing nothing, other than watch yourself get triggered? And if you talk to someone about what you’re doing, watch their triggers rise; you just opened the door for their healing because triggers are gateways, opportunities to learn something new about yourself, expand, evolve.

But you’ve got to be willing to go there, feel the misalignment, WHY is this making you feel so uncomfortable? What belief is it bumping up against that you can’t get through? Why is that belief like a brick wall? 

Can you see the potential healing here
Can you see the questions you are being asked to peruse
It is beautiful
Why not YOU
Why do YOU not deserve abundance on all levels
Do YOU not believe that you’re part of the transference of wealth/health/power that is taking place on the planet right now
Because I think you are here to do just that

I know I am
I’ve been sticking my head out the box my whole life
Doing things differently
Pushing boundaries
Left school at 16 so I could start earning
Mortgage aged 20
Sold up in the 90s boom and doubled my money
Moved to Thailand in my 20s, became self-employed (and thus unemployable forever more 😉) and opened my first business (a shop)
Bankrupt in my 30s
Success in my 40s
Then covid hit our retreat centre, whose biz model was built upon multiple households sharing communal spaces, and it went into liquidation

It’s been an up and down financial ride over the years
But in the last six months my $2k investment has grown to $17k
And the bigger the $ gets the quicker it increases
I’m set to be entirely financially free within the next year because of one decision I made back in March, having been in business ruin last year. I’m not ‘selling’ anything to you, simply ‘sharing’ how I have made this possible, and how fun it’s been along the way as I heal my lifelong money wound. If you are interested in finding out more then I am speaking about the journey and the company for just 30 minutes tomorrow at 7:30pm UK, message me for the link to join live or access to the recording.

*Trading on the Global Forex Market is risky. No past results can guarantee future profits in any type of real trading.

A Money Meditation